Scent Guide

Birds of Paradise - A unique twist of fresh strawberries, sweet creamy vanilla and wild cherries. A sweet dessert for anytime of the day.

Blueberry Cobbler- Fresh blueberries top notes with ever-so- slight fruity, floral middle notes resting on a lasting sweet background.

Cajun Sugar Cookie - Just like Granny's Ol' fashion homemade sugar cookies. With a sweet, buttery top note and a lasting creamy vanilla and cotton candy like bottom note.

Cucumber Melon -  Refreshing, sweet melon top notes, followed by hints of fresh cucumber enhanced by soft floral bottom notes.

Da'Berry - Sweet green magnolia for starters with fruity & floral middle notes of peach, apple, lavender, rose, jasmin & lilly with lasting hints of sweet raspberry and woody musk.

Fresh and Clean - Fresh citrusy top notes with blended hints of jasmine & rose on a long lasting linen background.

Gardenia - Fresh herbal floral and slightly citrusy top notes with jasmine, gardenia rose & lily of the valley type middle notes enhanced with woody, dry ambergris, cedar and musky bottom notes that exemplify southern living.

Hollyberry Mistletoe - Fruity green and piney top notes. Slightly spicy, berry hinted, sweet middle notes elevated with lasting spice.

Magnolia - one of the south's top fragrance. Floral top notes of magnolia, boosted by notes of jasmin, lily and rose with animalic bottom notes.

Caramel Crunch - Delicious blend of creamy caramel enhanced with cinnamon and a sweet vanilla bottom note.

Strictly Cajun - Fresh citrus top notes enhanced by soft floral notes of jasmine and lily with a long lasting woody background. A cajun's absolute favorite!

New Orleans Lady - Clean, fresh & fruity green top notes with jasmine , lily of the valley and lavender floral middle notes and hay, woody, earthy  and musky type of bottom notes.

Boujee - 

Southern Belle - Lavender and vanilla

Voodoo - Sparkling clean, fresh citrus top notes followed by floral notes of lily with green woody bottom notes.

Eucalyptus -

Eucalyptus & Mint - Eucalyptus with a touch of spear

Bayou Boy - Fresh and clean top notes of lavender with middle notes of soft rose and ylang and earthy,  slightly musky bottom notes.

Hurricane -  Clean, fresh, aldehydic green & citrusy fruity top notes with Strawberry and Jasmine Type middle notes and sweet Raspberry Type of long lasting  bottom notes